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  • It has been well researched and publicized that exposing our eyes to blue light (460 nanometers) before sleep negatively impacts our power to get to sleep and get enough sleeping hours. There are endless articles on-line that detail studies of the plus the typical culprit is viewing smartphones and tablets while having sex before sleep. Melatonin production is altered, it usually takes longer to get to sleep, REM sleep is delayed. come aumentare velocemente la massa muscolare

    No thought of the amount food I've just ingested registers over the internet. Perhaps I'll go to the bathroom, but generally "not," as I proceed one foot while you're watching other, to the bed, almost like designed to complete each step fully prior to taking your next, I crawl into bed and pull the covers over me in a single smooth move as I did when I emerged, sitting up and throwing back the covers within a svelte move. I sleep, but dream immediately.

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